There are more people now that are being diagnosed with dementia than years ago. With this being noted, it is important that your elderly loved one gets the care they need if they do have dementia. This disease is progressive and often is tough to manage. However, since there is no cure for it right now, it is important to ensure that your elderly loved one gets the care they need in the meantime.  

More Than Memory Loss

Caregiver Simi Valley, CA: Dementia Care Tips

It is essential to know that dementia is not only memory loss. When you or caregivers are helping your loved one, keep in mind that memory loss might be the symptom you see the most. However, the disease is affecting their brain in other ways, too. Your elderly loved one might have difficulties writing, communicating, and doing daily tasks. Remembering this can ensure your elderly loved one is getting the help they need.  

Being Realistic 

If you are helping to take care of your elderly loved one that has dementia, you might be frustrated. It can be difficult to accept that things are changing and it is out of your control. You might get frustrated that you need to keep repeating yourself. You might be irritated that your elderly loved one doesn’t understand you. If you find yourself getting frustrated, be sure to amend your expectations. You must be more realistic about what your elderly loved one can do now that their disease is progressing. Once you are more realistic, you can remember to be grateful for the good days they have and more understanding on their bad days.  


Your elderly loved one is going to need empathy from you, their caregivers, and others. The world is now confusing for your loved one. For instance, their favorite restaurant may now be scary for them due to the noise or busy-ness of the place. Try to remember to empathize with your elderly loved one. Put yourself in their shoes. How would you feel if you couldn’t be in your favorite place without being scared? If you can empathize with your elderly loved one, it could help them to feel less frustration and even help them to feel a bit safer, as well.  


These are some of the dementia care tips for your elderly loved one. Now that you have this information, you can provide better care for your loved one. Dementia is a progressive disease and right now, there isn’t a cure for it. However, you can still help your elderly loved one to have a better quality of life for as long as their disease allows.  

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