Does Dementia Start and Stop?

Dementia, after it is diagnosed, won’t go away. The symptoms of this disease can start and stop a bit. However, the disease itself, won’t just disappear. The signs and symptoms of dementia will progress at varying rates, depending on the person and their disease. This means that the symptoms and signs won’t be the exact same for your elderly loved one as they are for another elderly person. Everyone who gets this disease will go through the same stages. However, the stages aren’t going to look exactly alike for everyone.  

Ultimately, dementia might progress more quickly for some people and more slowly for others. Your elderly loved one might have symptoms that progress over the course of many years. They may also have symptoms that progress rapidly. There is no way to determine which of these situations will occur.  

How Does Dementia Seem to Start and Stop?

Elder Care Thousand Oaks, CA: Dementia Symptoms

There have been numerous studies done in regard to dementia. In all of the studies, it has been shown that people with dementia will have good days, as well as bad days. There are some factors that will determine whether your elderly loved one has more good days or bad days in the beginning and later on with this disease. For instance, the support and assistance that your elderly loved one gets from you and elder care providers could help them to have more good days. 

On the good days, your elderly loved one will be in better spirits. They will also be able to concentrate better and perform more daily living activity tasks. On their bad days, they will have more outbursts, be angry, have more forgetfulness, possibly experience delusions, and be in bad spirits overall.  

Since there are some good days with this disease, it might seem like dementia starts and stops. However, the disease is always there once it begins.  

Things to Know Regarding Dementia 

If you think that your elderly loved one has this disease or they already have a diagnosis, you should learn what you can about dementia. There are millions of people who get diagnosed with this disease. There are many elderly people who are living with this disease, who don’t yet have a diagnosis.  

There are many things that can cause dementia including genetics, unhealthy lifestyle habits, and varying types of brain damage. It is important to know there are different kinds of dementia. You or an elder care provider can take your elderly loved one to their doctor to figure out what type of dementia they have.  


Dementia doesn’t start and stop. You and elder care providers might notice that your elderly loved one has a lot of good days, especially at the beginning stages of this disease. However, over time, the disease will progress. There will eventually be more bad days than good days. With this being said, you and elder care providers can continue to do everything you can to make your elderly loved one comfortable.  


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