If your senior has just learned that she has high blood pressure she may be frustrated with all of the difficulties she sees because of that diagnosis. Depending on the severity of her blood pressure issues, your elderly family member may need to make some adjustments now that will serve her for years to come. 

She Shouldn’t Skip Doctor’s Visits

Elderly Care Thousand Oaks, CA: Managing High Blood Pressure

It might be tempting to your senior to skip out on those doctor’s visits, but they’re really important. These visits give she and her doctor a chance to talk about what’s working, what isn’t, and to adjust her treatment plan in order to get the best results possible for her. If your senior is skipping these appointments, she won’t have the same opportunity to customize her care plan and make sure that she’s on the right track. 

Those Treatment Plans Matter 

The treatment plan that your senior’s doctor recommends to her matters a lot more than she might believe. There are likely medications that she’s adding to her regimen, but there are going to be other recommendations from her doctor, too. Your senior’s doctor may outline an exercise plan for her along with dietary changes and other lifestyle adjustments. All of the different parts of this plan work together to hopefully give your senior the best results possible. 

Managing Both Anxiety and Stress Differently Helps 

How does your senior deal with stress and anxiety now? If she ignores it, that has an impact on her blood pressure levels. She may need to start doing some things that she didn’t consider before, like journaling about how she’s feeling or trying techniques like meditation in order to destress. Letting those feelings just build up doesn’t do your senior any good in terms of her health. 

Choosing Healthier Habits Goes a Long Way  

A big key to managing high blood pressure is to help your senior to make healthier choices overall. That’s sometimes more difficult than you expect, especially if some of those unhealthy habits have been with your senior for her entire life. Making even one healthier choice, like a protein-packed snack instead of a snack cake, can be incredibly beneficial. You don’t want to force changes on your senior, though. That can backfire and won’t serve her well. 

Dealing with challenges like high blood pressure is not easy. There’s a lot to think about and maybe some big changes your senior decides she wants to make. Having help from elderly care providers can make some of those changes easier to bear. 


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