During the pandemic, governors who set stay-at-home orders did so to curb the spread of COVID-19. Some people struggle at home. They want to go out and see friends and family members. They want to go out to museums, movie theaters, and social events.

Your mom is having a hard time finding enough to do to stay busy. You’re at home and can’t help her. You chat on the phone or computer, but it doesn’t seem to be enough. You are working from home, too, so you need her to limit her calls to certain hours. She’s bored and keeps interrupting you. What can you do to help her?

Play Games Online

Elder Care Moorpark, CA: Staying Busy During a Self-Quarantine

Right now, how are your teens passing the time? When daily lessons are submitted online, are they using services like Steam to play online games with friends? Your mom could join in. For an hour or two a day, your mom could play a cooperative puzzle game with your teens.

She has something to do, has the chance to socialize and bond with your teens, and enjoys a game that requires them to work together. Talk to your mom about using Steam as a way to pass time, try something new, and spend time online with your teens during the week.

Learn a New Hobby 

It’s a great time to try out new hobbies. Your mom can order a starter set or basic supplies online, have them sent to her house or picked up curbside, and try it out. She wants a hobby that will take her time to learn and that’s appealing to her.

Some of the hobbies that don’t cost a lot to start but take time to learn include needlepoint, crocheting, or quilling. Quilling is one that is easy to do and doesn’t take much to get started. It’s a form of art where you take tiny strips of paper, roll them up, and use them to create art. All she needs is glue, magazines and sheets of colored paper, and scissors.

Start Baking 

During the pandemic, baking bread, pastries, and cookies, and cakes is a good way to pass the time. She could look online for recipes that she’s never tried. If she’s never made an eclair, she could give that a try.

Some food shelves accept donations of homemade bread. Cookies, cakes, and other goods can go into the freezer if there’s too much to eat before it spoils.

Hire a Caregiver 

Elder care services are beneficial right now. A caregiver goes to your mom’s house on days you schedule. The caregiver provides the companionship your mom needs. That elder care aide can pick up prescription medications and groceries to keep your mom out of stores and pharmacies. She has someone to talk to in her home and gains the help she needs with routine tasks. 


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