Your dad uses a wheelchair now. While gardening is his favorite hobby, you’re not sure it’s possible anymore. There are ways to get your dad back out into his yard and gardening all summer long. With raised garden beds, level walkways, and home care services, summer gardening plans do not have to change. 
Build Raised Garden Beds

Home Care Moorpark, CA: Gardening and Wheelchairs

Build raised garden beds for your dad around his patio or driveway. These garden beds could be on a table that he can easily pull up and sit at or a design where there are angled areas that allow him to reach all areas of the raised bed. 
If you build a raised bed so that it’s a little more like a puzzle piece with notched areas he can wheel into and back out of, he’ll have greater reach than he would with a rectangular garden bed. 
When you’re choosing the materials, remember that cedar is going to repel insects the best. You could also look at kits that come with all of the pieces and assembly instructions. 
Once the framing is in place, fill it with a mixture of garden soil, compost, and peat moss. The peat moss with help retain water. Add compost as needed to keep the nutrients stocked. 
Create Level Walkways 
Once the raised beds are in place, look at areas where walkways would help your dad. You can build these with lumber, sand, and patio pavers or cement. This will make it easier for him to move around the raised bed. 
If you did take the time to put the raised gardens along a patio or driveway, one side of the garden will already be easy to reach. This eliminates the number of walkways you’ll need to add. 
There is another option. Look into Beach Trax portable wheelchair tracks. You have panels that have a velcro hinge system that creates movable wheelchair paths on uneven yards. When it’s winter, you simply fold the system up and store it in the garage. 
Make Sure Supervision is Available 
Your dad may not want someone with him all day, every day, but he does need a caregiver checking on him from time to time. If he’s outside in his gardens, someone needs to be available to check on him. If he gets stuck, he wants someone available to help him get back inside or freed. 
Home care services can help your dad. While he’s gardening, a home care aide could be tending to the chores inside like laundry and cleaning. If he needs things in the meantime, his home care aide could bring him more sunscreen and water. He could also have someone drive him to gardening stores or help him with planting. 


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