Is your elderly loved one getting confused as to why you, other family members, and friends can’t come over to visit? They may not understand what social distancing means due to the coronavirus. If this is the case, there are some easy ways you can explain it to them. Not only will explaining it to them help them stay safe, but it will help them understand that you want to see them, but also want to help prevent them from catching the virus. 

Avoiding Touching One Another

Elderly Care Moorpark, CA: Social Distancing and the Elderly

Let your elderly loved one know that social distancing involves not touching one another. This means no handshakes, hugs, or intimate greetings of any kind. This isn’t because you don’t love them. It is because you are trying to protect them from getting the coronavirus. Tell them you can give air high-fives from a distance or send virtual hugs and kisses through Facebook messenger or text messages. 

Avoiding Non-Essential Travel 

You should also make sure that your elderly loved one knows that in order to improve social distancing measures people should not do any non-essential travel. This means no going to the store just to find something to do. Your elderly loved one shouldn’t go hang out at the local park where others are congregating. They shouldn’t travel to other states or out of their own neighborhood or county. By avoiding non-essential travel, they are helping to reduce the risk of getting exposed to or exposing others to the coronavirus.  

Avoiding Errands That May Be Unnecessary 

Your elderly loved one may think they need to run to the pharmacy to get prescriptions for next month. Maybe they think they need to go out and get crafts for their next quilt. These may be considered unnecessary errands. If they feel that they need these things, they can have you or their elderly care provider grab them the next time you need to go to town. If possible, you may even be able to order these things online for them. While there is no way entirely to deem what errands are necessary to one person compared to another, it is important that your elderly loved one understands the fewer times people go into town around others, the quicker this virus can stop spreading around. 


These are some of the tips for talking to your elderly loved one about social distancing. Social distancing is an important step to reducing the spread of the coronavirus.  


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