Setting goals puts you firmly in the driver’s seat with caregiving. It shows you where you’re going and how you expect to get there, which can be incredibly comforting. 

Anticipate as Much as Possible 

Caregiver Thousand Oaks, CA: Are Your Goals Working

Goals are important for caregivers because they help you to make plans. But no plan is infallible. You’re going to need to try to anticipate as much as you can about what might happen. This is going to help you to build your goals with some backups in mind from the beginning. That helps you to keep your focus, even if something throws you for a loop. 

Where Do You Want to Be? 

The biggest question you can ask yourself when you’re setting goals as a caregiver is “Where do you want to be?” The goal is the end, not the beginning. When you start from the result you want, that enables you to envision how you’re going to get there.  

Goals Have to Be Specific 

Good goals are specific. The more wiggle room you have in your goals, the more likely you’re going to be to lose your way as you try to get to that final destination. Goals have to be something you can measure so that you know exactly where you are on that path. For instance, if your goal is to help your elderly family member to age in place, you’ve got to outline what that means for her and for you. In that case, being specific about how much help she wants and what specific tools you’ll put in place for her can help you to know you’re getting where you want to be. 

Break the Goals Down into Tasks 

Goals are the end result, but tasks are how you get there. With the goal of helping your elderly family member to age in place, you’re going to need to break that down. She’ll have your support as her caregiver, but she may also need help from home care providers. She may need to have some repairs done on her home, too. There may be some other specific tasks that make aging in place an achievable goal. Make sure you address them. 

Don’t Be Afraid to Change Your Goals if They Don’t Work 

Sometimes you work toward a goal and you do all the right things, but the goal is one that you have to change or abandon. If your senior wants to age in place but has a massive health setback, that’s something that is going to cause that goal to change significantly. Even if the situation isn’t as dire as that one, you may find that the goals you’ve set need to be adjusted. Remember that’s okay. 

It might feel weird looking at caregiving in terms of goals and tasks, but that’s going to help you to be far more effective as a caregiver than you might expect. 


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