By 2015, the CDC estimated that 54.4 million adults had doctor-diagnosed arthritis. About half of those adults are 65 or older. Some people have severe arthritis pain while others can manage the pain with warm and cold compresses and over-the-counter pain relievers like Advil. 

If your mom has arthritis pain that makes it hard for her to do things she used to enjoy, it can be frustrating. She loved needlepoint, but she struggles to hold a needle now. It’s a good time to introduce a new hobby. September 7th is National Grandma Moses Day. Has your mom considered painting as an arthritis-friendly hobby? 


Who is Grandma Moses?

Senior Care Thousand Oaks, CA: National Grandma Moses Day

Born in 1860, Anna Mary Robertson Moses was the mother of 10 children, though only half of them made it through infancy. She’d been passionate about art for most of her life, but as she aged, arthritis pain made it too hard for her to continue her favorite hobby – embroidery. 

Her sister suggested that painting might be easier for her, so she took up painting as a hobby at the age of 76. She’d paint with one hand until the pain was unbearable before switching. Her paintings were of rural life and have been on postage stamps, appear in museums, and hang in the White House. 

Your mom could tap into her creativity and start painting. Wider brushes will be easier for her to hold. She doesn’t even have to use a paintbrush. She could create abstract art using leaves, sponges, or branches of pine needles. 


Supplies Your Mom Needs 

Your mom is going to need some supplies. She’ll need paints, canvas paper or canvases, and paint thinner if she’s using oil paints. She’ll need a palette, rags, and tools like a paint scraper, brushes, or other items that she’ll use in place of brushes. 

You can purchase kits to get hers started that have the palette, paints, etc. or buy them individually. Start small, see what your mom things and expand her selection of paint tubes and other supplies from there. 

What else is arthritis pain keeping your mom from doing? Is she struggling with housework? Can she still peel and slice vegetables? Does she need help with laundry, meals, and cleaning? Would senior care services be helpful? 

If your mom struggles to button her pants and shirt, cannot dial the phone, or has a hard time pushing buttons on her appliances, it’s time to get her help. Senior care services are essential to making sure your om has the help she needs to remain independent. 


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