Takeout is so convenient. At the end of the day, your parents don’t want to cook a meal and have dishes to do. They can afford takeout and with a service like DoorDash or Uber Eats, food is brought right to their door. Why not just do takeout food each night? It may be convenient, but it’s not as good as a home-cooked meal.  

It’s Hard to Control Sodium Content in Takeout

Caregiver Thousand Oaks, CA: Cooking Meals at Home

The American Heart Association suggests that adults keep their sodium intake to a maximum of 2,300 milligrams. Takeout food can bring you far over that minimum in very little time. 

Take the Napa Chicken Salad on Rustic Sourdough at Panera as an example. The full sandwich has more than 800 mg of sodium. If your parents ordered the Ten Vegetable Soup in a bread bowl, it has 1,800 mg of sodium. A small Pacific Veggie pizza from Dominos has 420 mg per slice. 

You Have No Control Over the Quality of Ingredients 

When you order from a restaurant, you have very little control over the ingredients they use. You can choose a restaurant that focuses on locally sourced ingredients, but there will be limits to what they can do with some items.  

Cooking Together Is a Good Way to Socialize 

Cook meals together as a family. It lessens the burden of one person being the only cook in the kitchen. It also gives people a chance to chat while they each do their part to help get the meal ready. 

It’s Less Expensive 

It’s less expensive to cook meals at home. With a restaurant meal, you’re paying for the food and kitchen staff’s time. At home, you’re paying for the food. 

You Can Cook Extra and Cover Multiple Meals 

Cooking at home allows you to make a larger meal and freeze the leftovers. Those leftovers become quick meals you can reheat on nights that time is limited or you don’t feel like cooking. 

You Avoid Allergens and Food Sensitivities 

Some restaurants are good about making sure meals meet your needs when it comes to allergies and food sensitivities. Others may not be as willing to help out. Say your mom is lactose intolerant. She’s ordered to have the cheese left out of her salad. It arrives and she finds that cheese has been added. She’ll have to call, ask for a corrected meal to be prepared, and drive out to get it or wait for delivery again. Most people won’t bother. 

Ask your parents why they no longer cook meals. If they have a hard time standing up for the time needed to cook, they could have caregivers cooking for them. Caregivers work with them to plan a weekly menu, purchase groceries at the store, put items away in the right spot, and cook meals for them. Caregivers will clean up, too. Call to learn more. 


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