Why Does Your Senior Need to Keep Exercise in Mind?

There are lots of benefits to exercise, no matter how old your senior is. Always make sure that she talks with her doctor before she starts a new plan for moving more. That’s going to help her to plan out the right amount of exercise without hurting herself. 

Skills She Thought She Lost May Improve

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Your elderly family member may have been a lot stronger and more flexible even a few years ago. Those skills may not be lost forever, especially if she starts to exercise now. When she uses her muscles more, they’re less likely to deteriorate. She may also find that it’s a lot easier to do simple things, like walk around her home on a daily basis. 

She May Sleep Better 

When sleep improves, so much of the rest of your senior’s life can improve, too. Sleep is a cornerstone of good health and exercise helps your elderly family member to get the sleep that she needs. Talk to your senior’s doctor about what amount of sleep she should really be aiming to get. It’s possible that she is closer to her goal than she realizes. Using an activity tracker overnight can help her to get a visual on how much sleep she’s really getting. 

Her Health May Be Easier to Manage 

No matter what sorts of health issues your elderly family member is facing, exercise can help. That’s because exercise impacts your senior’s entire body and helps every system to work a little bit better. The key is for her to do exercise that is right for her current needs and that’s within her ability levels. As her health improves or as she experiences side effects like improved weight control, she may find that she’s able to do a little bit more. 

She May Find it’s Easier to Improve Her Diet 

When your elderly family member is moving more and experienced improvements in her overall health, she may find that it’s easier to eat better, too. Part of that involves craving healthier foods that are full of more nutritional value, but another part of that is that her body is going to function better. Her digestion may be easier, for example, which means that it’s easier for her to eat foods that maybe didn’t sit well on her stomach before. 

Keeping your elderly family member as safe as possible during exercise is important. It’s also important that she doesn’t feel rushed or overwhelmed during exercise. Having a companionable spotter might help with all of that. Home care providers can offer companionship while ensuring that your senior is safe. 

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