COPD is an illness that severely impacts your senior’s ability to breathe. It can also be worsened by stress, which is why stress management is absolutely crucial if your elderly family member has COPD. 

Stress Magnifies Health Issues

Elderly Care in Thousand Oaks, CA: Stress Management and COPD

It’s well-documented that stress is, overall, not helpful for maintaining good health. If your elderly family member has COPD, stress can exacerbate the issues that your elderly family member is having breathing. When your elderly family member is tense and stressed, breathing itself may become more difficult, which is going to in turn make anxiety and stress even worse. It all becomes a vicious cycle. 

Talk to Your Senior’s Doctor 

It’s important to talk to your senior’s doctor about what’s going on. First, you need to make sure you understand what your senior is facing with her COPD. Some medications, both oral and inhaled, may be helpful specifically with breathing issues. There may be other medications her doctor prescribes to help her with stress and anxiety. It’s worth weighing out the pros and cons of those types of treatments, if they apply for your senior. 

Put Together Some Goals Around Stress Management 

Whether your senior is addressing some of her concerns medically or not, it’s also a good idea to develop a stress management plan. There are any number of stressors in your senior’s life and there are things you can do to help. Identifying the biggest stressors is going to be your first step. That’s going to help you to see what sorts of solutions need to be put into place. 

Teach Your Senior Some Stress Management Techniques 

Stress management involves learning techniques that are rooted in mindfulness and relaxation. Breathing exercises are particularly helpful for people with COPD because they’re relaxing and they also can help to strengthen the lungs. Mindfulness is helpful because it helps your elderly family member to remember to focus on what’s going on right in front of her rather than elsewhere. 

Figure Out What Else She Needs 

There could be any number of other ways that you and your senior can reduce her stress levels. Making sure that she has a strong support system is key, because when something unexpected pops up, she’s got a framework to help handle the situation. One addition to strongly consider is bringing in elderly care providers. They can handle daily tasks that are becoming more difficult for your senior, which can be a huge source of stress. 

COPD is a complicated ailment and it comes with its own stressors. Reducing the other stressful factors in your elderly family member’s life can be incredibly helpful. 

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